Swedish Masters



Join the Swedish Masters and seize the opportunity to seize the throne of the Swedish champion!


The Swedish Masters is a 80-player event following the official Masters format, sanctioned by Privateer Press. The full rules for the format can be found here. Please note that Privateer Press updates it format rules continously and that the rules therefore can be subject to change before the event takes place. If so, we will play with the latest version of the rules.

Also note that we use Hardcore painting requirement (i.e. all armies must be fully painted).

When: Friday

Max players: 80

Army size: 75 pts

Number of lists: 2 (each list must be played at least once)

Timing: Deathclock (60 min)

Hardcore painting requirement

The masters will be played over for rounds, after that the top 8 will qualify for the last three rounds played on the sunday.



Stadiongatan 21

217 62 Malmö

Email: info@battleatlund.se


17-19 August 2018

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