Guild Ball – Swedish National Championship


Guild Ball –

Swedish National Championship

Sweden’s second National Championship in Guild Ball!

During an intense day of gaming, up to 50 players will get to compete for the title, and possibly a free trip to SteamCon UK. The winner of a National Championship will receive complementary entry to SteamCon (UK) and an invitation to the World Championship. If the National Championship has 30/40/50 paid sign ups before the event takes place, Steamforged Games Ltd will also cover the SteamCon (UK) entry/hotel/flight costs for the winner.


The National Championship will follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event.

The Championship is currently limited to 50 players. The list of signed up players can be found at:

For the Swedish Nationals, fully painted teams are required. For the smaller tournaments on the Friday and Sunday, pre-coloured plastic/resin is ok as in the OPD.

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-11:00 First round

11:00-13:00 Second round

13:00-14:30 Lunch break (lunch at the hotel is included for all attendants)

14:30-16:30 Third round

16:30-18:30 Fourth round

18:30-19:00 Coffee break

19:00-21:00 Fifth round*

21:00 Award ceremony*

*If a sixth round is needed to declare a winner, a Final will be played only by the undefeated players on Sunday morning.


Stadiongatan 21

217 62 Malmö



17-19 August 2018

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