2019-05-08 - The more the merrier!

Tickets to the Warmachine-event at this years Battle at Lund sold out in a couple of weeks. This was a way better turnout than we had ever imagined, and ever since we've had to turn down eager players who came just a moment too late we have been looking for solutions. Thus, today we are pleased to announce that we have managed to squeeze in an additional 16 spots to the Warmachine event. Tickets to these spots are on sale as of immediately!

The guild ball events are also filling up, but tickets are still available. We will now also be offering one-day GB-tickets for the Swedish Nationals on the saturday.

In order to manage an extended number of participants, we had to make some changes to the Warmachine event schedule. We understand that it might not always be appreciated to change things around after collecting payments, and should these changes prove an unfortunate dealbreaker for you then we will offer a refund. At the same time, it is our firm belief that most of these changes will actually be appreciated by most of you, perhaps even make the event yet more appealing.

The Swedish masters on the friday will be extended from 64 to 80 players. After four rounds of play, the top 8 will qualify for the last three rounds, played on the sunday. These final three rounds of the masters will replace the invitational.

The team tournament will change from 3-man teams to 5-man teams. This allows us to run the team tournament as a four round event in the saturday. It also lets us run the tournament with more players without expanding the number of rounds. A bonus is that the tournament thus will make an even better practice run for our participating WTC-players.

2019-03-03 - Site updated for 2019 event!

Site updated with info and signup for 2019! (please let us know should there be any difficulties)

2018-06-13 - Meet the boss!

Johan Bengtsson is the head organizer for this years Battle at Lund. We got a minute of his time to ask a few questions about his relationship to Warmachine & Hordes and what you can expect from the event in august.

When did you start playing Warmachine & Hordes?

I’ve played Warmachine since the day random charge length was introduced in Warhammer 40k (June 30 2011, which also happens to be my birthday)

What is your take the current state of the game?

My take on the current state of the game is that there's, as always, room for improvement. But it is still the best miniatures game I’ve ever played.

What was the best thing about last years event?

Best thing about last year was the change of venue. The new venue is bigger, better ventilated and better located. The only drawback is that it is not located in Lund.

Why will the event be better this year?

For this year I’m looking forward to the introduction of the Guild Ball event. Hosting the Swedish championships for two systems is going to be great!

2018-05-09 - Site updated for the 2018 event

Have a look around and sign up for the convention at once!

2016-04-08 Pictures & Results 2016

Swedish masters

1. Jarle Svendsrud Cygnar

2. Jeppa Resmark Convergeance

3. Jonas Brand Circle

4. Fredrik Rabén Cygnar

5. Robin Maukisch Trollbloods

6. Jocke Rapp Khador

7. Morgan Åkesson Cryx

8. Niclas Ledin Retribution

9. Olov Winroth Cygnar

10. Laurents Rønved Cryx

11. Benjamin Füzi Convergeance

12. Pär Nordlund Cryx

13. Gil Surepi Khador

14. Andreas Graae Trollbloods

15. Peter Bom Jensen Circle

16. Axel Rydén Convergeance

17. Martin Larsson Legion

18. Gustav Linderup Menoth

19. Johan Baggesen Cryx

20. Sascha Maisel Menoth

21. Cornelius Dyhre-Poulsen Cygnar

22. Johan Sånesson Trollbloods

23. Stefan Benediktsson Cryx

24. Anders Nøhr Circle

25. Jens Mattsson Khador

26. Björn Wahlstrand Legion

27. Markus Hägg Cryx

28. Samuel Sandholm Menoth

29. Jesper Unander-Sharin Cryx

30. Erik Söderlind Convergeance

31. Oliver Säfström Circle

32. Per Stening Legion

33. Søren Jacobsen Cryx

34. Henrik Oskarsson Minions

35. Pär-Ola Nilsson Khador

36. Troels Hugo Cederholm Legion

37. Rickard Nilsson Minions

38. Gustav Berggren Legion

39. David Ekelöw Menoth

40. Erik Dahlman Cygnar

41. Johan Ljungström Legion

42. Kasper Ornstein Mecklenburg Cryx

43. Carl Johansson Cryx

44. Albin Rosberg Skorne

45. Jan D´Souza Cryx

46. Christoffer Wedding Retribution

47. David Berggren Circle

48. Adam Thiede Trollbloods

49. Jacob Rosberg Retribution

50. Sebastian Kaas Petersen Legion

51. Robin Fredman Mercenaries

52. Jakob Oskarsson Trollbloods

53. Kasper B. Larsen Circle

54. Marc Forsmark Nielsen Menoth

55. Anders Erestam Cryx

56. Tobias Olsson Menoth

57. Christian Nordin Menoth

58. Alexander Oskarsson Skorne

59. Hugo Svanborg Mercenaries

60. Magnus Blütecher Dysthe Retribution

Road to invitational 35

1. Alexander Oskarsson Skorne

2. Kasper B. Larsen Circle

3. Hugo Svanborg Mercenaries

4. Sebastian Kaas Petersen Legion

5. Jan D´Souza Cryx

6. Tobias Olsson Menoth

7. Anders Erestam Cryx

8. David Berggren Circle

9. Jakob Oskarsson Trollbloods

10. Marc Forsmark Nielsen Menoth

Road to invitational 50

1. Olov Winroth Cygnar

2. Jarle Svendsrud Cygnar

3. Laurents Rønved Cryx

4. Anders Erestam Cryx

5. Johan Sånesson Trollbloods

6. David Berggren Circle

7. Henrik Oskarsson Minions

8. Per Stening Legion

9. Jonas Brand Circle

10. Arrangör Legion

11. Oliver Säfström Circle

12. Pär-Ola Nilsson Khador

13. Magnus Blütecher Dysthe Retribution

14. Carl Johansson Cryx

15. Björn Wahlstrand Legion

16. Erik Dahlman Cygnar

Sunday Steam roller 1

1. Peter Bom Jensen Circle

2. Marc Forsmark Nielsen Menoth

3. Björn Wahlstrand Legion

4. Stefan Benediktsson Cryx

5. Johan Ljungström Legion

6. Erik Dahlman Cygnar

7. Jesper Unander-Sharin Cryx

8. Andreas Holm Cryx

Sunday Steam roller 2

1. Gustav Linderup Menoth

2. Sebastian Kaas Petersen Legion

3. Axel Rydén Convergeance

4. Jens Mattsson Khador

5. Kasper Ornstein Mecklenburg Cryx

6. Søren Jacobsen Cryx

7. Magnus Blütecher Dysthe Retribution

8. Johan Baggesen Cryx

Who's the boss

1. Christoffer Wedding Retribution

2. Jacob Rosberg Retribution

3. Johan Sånesson Trollbloods

4. Henrik Oskarsson Minions

5. Cornelius Dyhre-Poulsen Cygnar

6. Laurents Rønved Cryx

7. Kasper B. Larsen Circle

8. Albin Rosberg Skorne


1. Jarle Svendsrud Cygnar

2. Fredrik Rabén Cygnar

3. Jonas Brand Circle

4. Niclas Ledin Retribution

5. Olov Winroth Cygnar

6. Anders Erestam Cryx

7. Gustav Berggren Legion

8. Gil Surepi Khador

9. Hugo Svanborg Mercenaries

10. Benjamin Füzi Convergeance

11. Morgan Åkesson Cryx

12. Robin Maukisch Trollbloods

13. Jocke Rapp Khador

14. Alexander Oskarsson Skorne

15. Sascha Maisel Menoth

16. Pär Nordlund Cryx

Team Tournament

1. 11th hour podcast team4

Robin Maukisch Trollbloods

Sascha Maisel Menoth

Benjamin Füzi Convergeance

2. Lag Lag

Morgan Åkesson Cryx

Fredrik Rabén Cygnar

Gustav Berggren Legion

3. Upptown Forsenboys gachiGASM

Alexander Oskarsson Skorne

Jakob Oskarsson Trollbloods

Erik Söderlind Convergeance

4. mini-DASE

Gustav Linderup Menoth

Rickard Nilsson Minions

Hugo Svanborg Mercenaries

5. #teamAdam

Stefan Benediktsson Cryx

Adam Thiede Trollbloods

Niclas Ledin Retribution


Pär Nordlund Cryx

Johan Baggesen Cryx

Cornelius Dyhre-Poulsen Cygnar

7. Mean Mountain Manicas

Andreas Graae Trollbloods

Martin Larsson Legion

Robin Fredman Mercenaries

8. King Willie

David Ekelöw Menoth

Tobias Olsson Menoth

Markus Hägg Cryx

9. #shotsshotshotsfired

Jocke Rapp Khador

Samuel Sandholm Menoth

Andreas Holm Cryx

10. Croaks on fire

Sebastian Kaas Petersen Legion

Peter Bom Jensen Circle

Marc Forsmark Nielsen Menoth

11. Kasper och Jesper och Axelman

Axel Rydén Convergeance

Jesper Unander-Sharin Cryx

Kasper Ornstein Mecklenburg Cryx

12. Balls of Ice

Jens Mattsson Khador

Albin Rosberg Skorne

Jacob Rosberg Retribution

13. Team Jan

Troels Hugo Cederholm Legion

Anders Nøhr Circle

Jan D´Souza Cryx

14. Danish Dynamite

Gil Surepi Khador

Søren Jacobsen Cryx

Kasper B. Larsen Circle

Jarle S

Winner of Swedish Masters

Invitational Winner

Olof W

Winner of Road to Invitational 50

Alexander O

Winner of Road to Invitational 35

Peter J

Winner of Sunday Steam Roller 1

Christoffer W

Winner of Who's the Boss

Robin M

Winner of Team Tournament

Sasha M

Winner of Team Tournament

Benjamin F

Winner of Team Tournament


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17-19 August 2018

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