16-18 August 2019



Three days of Warmachine and Guild Ball mayhem in Malmö (20 km from Lund)! Do you have what it takes to become the new Swedish Master?

– Six Warmachine tournaments in three days, including the  Swedish Masters (Friday) and a Team Tournament (Saturday).

– Three full days of Guild Ball, including the Swedish National Championship (Saturday).

– 850 SEK for the whole weekend including lunch!

– Burgers and beers Saturday night!

- We are currently not selling one-day tickets, but if you cannot make it all three days, please let us know which day you want to come and we'll see what we can do!

Please note that the Battle at Lund, in order to enhance the players experience, applies hardcore painting rules, meaning that all minis used in the tournaments must be fully painted. 

What is Warmachine?

Warmachine & Hordes is a Steam Punk table top game created by Privateer Press. The Battle at Lund has much to offer for both experienced and new players. If you haven't tested the game before, don't hesitate to drop in and check it out.

Good Morning Hotel

This year we continue our successful cooperation with Good morning hotel in Malmö, which is the site of the event. All you need is available at the venue: food, drink, accommodation and above all great games of Warmachine & Hordes and Guild Ball.

What can you expect from the convention?

Battle at Lund

Following six popular tournaments, we are proud to host another three day Warmachine & Hordes and Guild Ball  convention with plenty of tournaments, side events and socialising. Face off against the best players in Northern Europe and earn a place in the qualifier.

Unique convention experience - Battle at Lund is an American style convention; all gaming and activities take place in a hotel where most of the participants will also be staying. Eat, drink, socialise with other gamers and get the max out of your Warmachine & Hordes/ Guild Ball experience.

30+ hours of gaming - Play in multiple tournaments each day or just grab a couple of casual games at one of the open play tables. The possibilities for playing are basically unlimited for the entire weekend. Battle at Lund is also the host of the official Swedish Masters tournament.

Never Leave the Venue - Lunch is included in the ticket price and the hotel bar and restaurant will be open throughout the weekend. After your games are finished, you can just pop upstairs to your room and relax for a bit, or why not grab a drink with a couple of new or old friends, or even blow of steam in the hotel’s fitness area.


Stadiongatan 21

217 62 Malmö

Email: info@battleatlund.se


17-19 August 2018

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